My Subconscious

I have been having vivid dreams lately. I did set the intention to have more revelations in my dreams (more insight) but I feel like I am not grasping the meanings. Everything is blurry and the messages unclear. I know I should do more research on dreams but I find it tedious to look up every little thing and somehow interpret them with other little things. I cannot even understand the broader meaning sometimes.

So what I am doing is giving myself some time to digest. I make sure to write everything that has happened in the dreams right when I wake up. Hopefully that will help me. And something may also come up where it can give meaning the my dream. So if only I can wait it out. I wont have the answers now but later.

Departing Prayer:

Goddess help me achieve the insight that I need, with love and light so be your will.

My Personal Corner of the Universe

I decided to start writing a public journal on my thoughts and experience in my spiritual journey. I am not the best writer but I will try to convey what I am going through in the best possible way (with grammar errors or not). So bare with me.

I feel that over the last couple of years I have gone through this spiritual enlightenment (not as powerful as the Buddha but significant in my life). Couple of years ago, I essentially had no path. I had no intentions in life. I was empty.

I felt others were living their lives and I was just existing (although currently I am waiting to live my life… more on that later). I had no purpose, no goals.

Then my aunt who had helped raised me and was like a second mother to me died from complications with cancer. I wasn’t devastated because I had a feeling it was coming (more on that later) but I suddenly realized my emptiness and needed to finally start filling the void.

I started out by reading books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Magic also by Rhonda Byrne, and a wonderful book by Paulo Coelho called The Alchemist. These types of books gave me inspiration and the means to start setting intentions.

As a practitioner of the craft (another topic), I had always believed in intention setting and laws of attraction. But I was lazy and never made the effort to connect with the divine (the Goddess). I never made the effort to connect with the universe. I was always blaming my problems on others and the universe instead of asking and receiving the help that was offered.

After my aunt died, which by the way was the first person I ever knew who had died and the first person I had been to a funeral for, I started doing the work to connect to the universe and the Goddess. Revelation after revelation, brought me to a place of peace and contentment. I realized things about myself. I realized what I wanted and needed in life.

So the point is that even though I was lost, I eventually found myself through intention setting and strengthening my relationship with the universe and the Goddess (which could be one in the same).

And that is what I want to share on this blog. I want to share my peace and my upheavals throughout my journey. I don’t know much but I am willing to learn and share.

Departing Prayer:

Goddess give me the strength to overcome my obstacles especially when it is myself. With your love and light, so be your will.